Day 1

Screening of candidates :

1. Verbal and Non Verbal test to evaluate candidates on their effective intelligence

2. Theme / Picture perception and description Followed by Group discussion on the story written

PABT ( Pilot Aptitude Battery Test ) to evalauate natural Pilot instincts ( Only for Airforce)

1. Instrument reading capability which play a critical role in making a succesful pilot

2. Controls on machine to judge natural hand eye co-ordination

Day 2 :

Only Screened in candidates will appear for evalauation Day 2 onwards

Psychological Bent of mind test:

1. Self Appraisal / description

2. Word association Test ( WAT )

3. Thematic Association / Apperception test ( TAT)

4. Situation Reaction test ( SRT)

Day 3

GTO ( Ground Task officer ) & Interviews of candidates :

1. Lecturette

2. Military Planning Discussion

3. Progressive Group test

4. Half group progressive test

5. Group obstacle competitive race

6. Group Discussion in a group of 8-10 candidates

Day 4 :

Group Task officer 4th day

1. Command task

Day 5 :

Conference and Final results of selected candidates

Medical evalaution of finally selected candidates

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